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Glasses That Help Non-Epileptic Seizures and Chronic Fatigue [VIDEO]

Blue light blocking glasses have become a kind of trend recently, but I’ve found they can benefit me medically! In just a few days, they drastically reduced my non-epileptic seizures and chronic fatigue!!

You can find out about these glasses in the video below, but if that’s not your kind of thing, I’ve added the transcript underneath.

Glasses That Help Non-Epileptic Seizures and Chronic Fatigue Transcript

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I saw this post in one of my FND Facebook groups I’m in and it was about how someone had bought some blue light blocking glasses and they had helped with their non-epileptic seizures in just a couple of days. They shortened the seizures, they’d happen less often and they were a lot less violent.

Now, I have hundreds of seizures every day triggered by fatigue, pain, movement, eating, standing. Just a lot of things and sometimes they happen randomly with no trigger. So I thought I might as well try these. I hope they work but they might not. So I bought them and within a couple of days I was finding that my seizures were less violent, or the random ones were less violent, and they weren’t happening as often, they were shorter and it’s just a huge improvement.

And it’s also helped with my chronic fatigue as well, which is just a bonus. It means that I don’t really have to take naps anymore and I can do more things when I’m feeling okay. I still can’t do anything much other than watch telly and play piano but I can play the piano more often or I can actually watch telly rather than just have it on in the background and not really engage with it.

And they were any like 9 pounds off Amazon as well and they’re amazing,so I encourage anyone who has Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder or ChronicFatigue Syndrome to try out these glasses.

One of the things I love about these glasses is they’re not yellow-tinted at all. They just look like normal glasses. They have a range of shapes and colours, there were even some that were red and blue floral kind of pattern. And yeah, they look like normal glasses. Someone asked me the other day “Have you got new glasses?” I was like “Yeah, they’re blue light blocking glasses.” and they said to me “They don’t look like that at all. They just look like a normal pair of glasses.” It’s not like I’m walking around with yellow-tinted glasses, I just look like someone who wears normal glasses and for what they’ve done, it’s amazing.

One of the huge bonuses to the pair of glasses I have is they don’t change the colour of what you’re looking at, not really anyway. Everything looks a bit warmer but that’s it and I didn’t know that that would happen. I thought everything would look yellow but it doesn’t, it just looks warmer and takes the strain off my eyes and I love that because they’re helping so much.

This video isn’t sponsored at all. It’s just these have helped me so much and I just wanted to share with you that something as simple as glasses can help and I’m proof of that.

So that’s it for this video. Make sure you click subscribe down below if you haven’t already and I’ll see you next time.

This is a pin for you to share on social media. It reads "Chronic Fatigue Can Be Reduced with Glasses".
This is a pin for you to share on social media. It reads "How Can Glasses Reduce Chronic Fatigue?".

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