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Shapes Studies for Slow Transit [VIDEO]

Shapes studies, also know as colonic transit studies, are one way of testing intestinal motility, which is how fast your intestines digest food. I’ve had two of these and they both showed I have extremely slow transit. You can see the process of this type of study in the videos below.

Shapes Study for Slow Transit Transcript

Hey, everyone and welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, make sure you click subscribe down below and let’s get on with today’s video.

This video is all about my shapes study for slow transit. I did it about a month ago and it consisted of taking two tablets on the Saturday, two on Sunday and two on the Monday and then on the Wednesday, I had to go in for an x-ray.

The tablets contained small radio-opaque markers. Saturday’s were squares or spheres, Sundays were, I think they were rings, like hollow circles, and I think Monday’s were rods or lines. And then at the x-ray they could see how many markers were left and then if there were more than 20% of the markers left, then I have slow transit.

So I’m going to show you a couple of clips from the Saturday and Sunday and I will record a quick one for Monday because I forgot so I’ll explain about that. So yeah. I’ll put them in here.

Saturday: So it’s Saturday morning. I’m in the middle of repotting chillies, but it’s time to take my first tablets. So they’re army green. Kind of weird but I’m excited. It’s gonna be so cool. But yeah today’s the first day.

Sunday: Day two of shapes study. It’s now Sunday morning. I’m just about to go out but second tablet. This is so much more interesting than the first one because that was like army green, this one’s blue and white but I’m excited.

Monday’s tablets were creamy yellow coloured. They were the same size and shape as the other ones.

On the Wednesday I went in for my x-ray. They took one or two photos just of my abdomen because that’s where all the shapes would be. So it was from roughly from my stomach to my pelvis or thebottom of my pelvis, just to see where all the shapes were. The radiographer didn’t or couldn’t tell me the results but I actually saw the x-ray myself and most of the markers were left. I counted 36 or 37 which is roughly 60% of thetablets left and there should have been less than 12 or 20% of the markers I took.

So just over a week later I saw my gastroenterologist who told me Ihave slow transit because of how slowly the markers went through. And they were all at the very beginning of my colon or at the very end of my large intestine so they were nowhere near where they were supposed to be. Some people who have normal transit might not have any tablets at all, so having 60% of the tablets left is a lot. We’re trying to up my fibre intake to help with my slow transit but I can’t do that so I’m just waiting to see her again and hopefully she’ll have some more ideas.

So that’s it for this video. Makesure you hit subscribe down below and I will see you next time.

Shapes Study Number 2 Transcript

Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel, or just welcome if you’re newhere. For me, this week is all about my second shape study for intestinal transit.

This is the box. This study is usually used for colonic transit but because I’m unable to have a gastric emptying scan, this is used as my alternative at the moment.

So this is the box that it comes in and inside the box is this. It has the days that you take the tablets on and then the lovely multicoloured tablets are inside. If you don’t know how a shape study works, it’s basically I take tablets on day one with different radio-opaque markers in. They’re all the same shape on day one and then on day two I take two more capsules that they’re different shapes to day one and then day three is two more capsules with a third different shape and then on day five, so nothing on day four, and on day five I go in for an abdominal x-ray to see where the shapes are.

So on day one which is today, Monday the 10th of February. Today’s tablets are army green which is kind of a bit weird. And then tomorrow’s are blue and white, and Wednesday’s are creamy yellow coloured and then on Friday I’ll be going back to the hospital to get an x-ray to see you where the shapes are.

This is my second shape study. I’ll link my first shape study video down below, but last time I counted 36 or 37 shapes, but I was on codeine which slows down transit, but then domperidone which speeds it up. This time I’ve stopped all my stomach tablets and the codeine so we don’t know if it’ll be different or not. It probably will because of all the tablets I was taking. I was taking cimetidine and lansoprazole for my hernia, domperidone for my gastric emptying and I’m not taking codeine anymore, so it will probably be a lot different but we’ll see.

I’m just about to take my first lot of tablets, so day one’s tablets, but I’ve just realised, I’m hoping you’ll be able to see, it actually shows what shapes are which. So day one is squares, day two is rods and day three are rings and which is cool because I couldn’t workout which ones were which last time.

Day 1: So these are the tablets I will be taking. So they’re army green. Bit weird. Could’ve chosen a better colour to be honest, but these are the squares.

Day 2: So it’s day two of my shape study, which means two more tablets. Those the ones I will be taking in a second. These are my favourite ones because they’re blue and white and they’re rods, like lines. I can’t wait see where they are.

Day 3: Good morning. It’s now Wednesday, so day three, and I’m taking my last two tablets which are rings. They look like that and they actually look like normal tablets because of their colour and everything. The other ones were very unusual colours. But yeah, day three, two more tablets and I’ll just wait for the x-ray.

Day 5: So we got back from the x-ray a few hours ago and it was a huge success. The x-ray technician let me look at my x-ray again and I counted 58 out of 60 tablets and I know I threw the other two up. Last time I had 37 tablets left I think, so this was a lot more, but hopefully my gastroenterologist will now do something to help with my transit, so I just have to wait until next Friday to see her.

So that’s it for this video. Make sure you hit subscribe down below and I’ll see you next time.

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